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I have a selection of high quality equipment for use on set including various industry standard Sound Devices recorders/mixers, quality microphones, true diversity Audio Wireless radio microphone systems with the highest quality DPA lavalier microphones. I also own Audio LTD A10 digital wireless mic systems which alongside sounding wonderful have the ability to use encrypted audio if needed on more sensitive projects. I am Ofcom PMSE licensed for legaly using wireless microphones, In ear monitoring units and wireless audio camera feeds on location.


I also have Ambient and USO timecode equipment which will make your editing process easier with the syncing of video and audio being sped up considerably. Anything not on this list that myself or the client feel is required for your production can be obtained quickly as I have a good relationship with reliable audio rental houses.

Here is a list of the kit I own and use on productions.


Sound Devices 788T recorder with CL8 Mixer

Audio Developments AD146 8 Channel Mixer


Sound Devices 633 recorder/mixer  


Sound Devices 744T Recorder 


Sound devices 702T recorder 


Sennheiser In Ear Monitoring for directors or script continuity 

Audio LTD A10 digital wireless radio kit x2

DPA 6061 subminiture lav mic x2


DPA 4061 Lav Mics plus accessories x5 


Audio Wireless True Diversity radio tx and rx x2

Audio Wireless DADM226-DT Digital antenna distribution system

Audio Wireless LPDA-DIV Dipole array antenna

DPA 4018C Supercardioid microphone with Cinela suspension x2


Sennheiser MKH 60 cardioid shotgun microphone


Sennheiser MKH 50 super cardioid microphone 


Full Rycote wind protection for all mics 

Cinela Cosi and Osix suspension for Dpa microphone


Audio Technica BP4071 Long shotgun mic


Rode NT4 Stereo mic


Audio Technica AT897 Short shotgun mic 


Rode lavalier microphones 


Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro Headphones


Beyer Dynamic DT 100 Headphones 

Ambient Master Lockit ACN timecode hub

Ambient Nano Lockit  timecode boxes x2


Wave wireless timecode hub


Ultra Sync OneTimecode Lokit Box x2 


Sennheiser G3 Radio mic kits TX+RX  

Sennheiser G2 Radio mic kit TX+RX 

Ambient boom pole


Gitzo carbon fibre boom pole 

Boom pole box x2

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