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Game audio and recording cinematic scenes in the volume

Mocap filming in the volume has become the new film set, whilst the mocap studio itself records data of the actors physical movement to implement into the game my job in the volume is to preserve the audio performance of all actors with dialogue. As most actors are now also filmed with face cams to capture the performance more intimately it is of upmost importance to capture useable dialogue at this stage to use in the final game.


I have worked with companies including Sony Playstation Europe, PSP,

Ninja Theory, Microsoft, Remedy, Ubisoft, Sony London Studios, Clap Hanz and Polyphony Digital providing sound services for AAA games. I have also been involved in filming with many more game companies recording on game development productions which has given me a great insight and understanding of the games industry and community.

Bringing me in as a recordist that can be trusted to capture these performances can help free up your in house audio team who are already dealing with many other tasks like audio implementation VO recordings for other in game content and SFX in what are usually extremely busy times in a games development.

My most recent project was an honour working on, 'Senua's Saga' of the acclaimed 'Hellblade' series from Ninja Theory. Myself and colleague Charlie Hurst shared the large task of recording all of the audio on cinematic scenes filmed in the Volume. Recording with high quality Lectrosonics and Audio LTD digital transmitters and a distribution system we tailored for the studio we captured audio performances that were of a quality to use in post and the final game. All audio was time coded for ease of sync and extensive sound reports created for post production. We were often filming scenes featuring at least 6 characters with dialogue which we provided mix tracks and separate ISO tracks for the post mix. We worked very well with the in house volume crew at Ninja House and the Ninja Sound team headed up by David Garcia were very pleased with the audio obtained on set and we look forward to working on other projects with them in the near future.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your projects needs if your production team need an experienced sound recordist for your volume shoots, dialogue or SFX acquisition.

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