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Len Usselman
Sound Recordist

Telephone: +447814939478


Hello, I am Len Usselman and I am a Location Sound Recordist/Mixer. In that role I record audio on feature films, Mocap volume shoots for cinematic scenes in AAA video games, short films, APA commercials and also corporate content for some of the best known companies in the world.  


I am based in Essex and London and regularly work throughout the United Kingdom and various countries in Europe. 


I have a real passion for sound in visual mediums and strive to obtain the best possible production audio from any given location for your productions post requirements.


I work on varied projects with different technical and equipment needs in which I bring a positive attitude working in unison with other crew members including Directors, ADs Costume, Location and Camera Department helping create a good work flow on set. My sound assistants and I have a friendly professional manner when working alongside actors, contributors and clients on any production.

I have over 16 years of experience recording and creating audio on different genres of film and visual media using assorted equipment in varied, sometimes challenging locations.

I always use high standard audio equipment on every shoot or recording session including Sound Devices recorders/mixers, high quality DPA or Sennheiser microphones alongside analogue and digital wireless systems for close miking talent. I also have access to a number of reliable 1st, 2nd assistant and trainee sound crew members to cater for various sized productions if needed.

I am Ofcom PMSE licensed for using wireless microphones, In ear monitoring units and wireless audio camera feeds.

Whether you are producing a feature film, cinematic scenes for AAA video games in the volume, an APA commercial, corporate film or sit down interview you can be sure I will capture high quality audio on set for your post production needs. 

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