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Sound Recordist

Len Usselman


Telephone: +447814939478


My name is Len Usselman and I am a Sound Recordist/Mixer working on feature films, short films, APA commercials, corporate content productions and sound effects acquisition for the film and gaming industry. I am based in south east Essex and London. 


I have a real passion for sound and strive to obtain the best possible production audio from any given location.

I have a positive attitude on set and work well with crew, talent and clients. 

I have over 10 years of experience recording audio on many different genres of film using assorted equipment in many varied locations both in the UK and across Europe.

I use high quality audio equipment on every shoot or recording session including Sound Devices recorders/mixers and high quality analogue and digital wireless systems with DPA lav mics. I also have access to a number of reliable 1st AS and 2nd assistant sound crew members to cater for any sized production.

I am Ofcom PMSE licensed for using wireless microphones, In ear monitoring units and wireless audio camera feeds.

Whether you are filming a feature film, APA commercial or sit down interview you can be sure I will capture the highest quality audio on set for your post production needs. 

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